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Big Data/Hadoop

When: 19 March 2015 (Thursday) 9 PM EST

With a flourishing ecosystem and stake at the center of how organizations are consuming and leveraging big data, the role of Hadoop in the enterprise continues to evolve. From offloading to preprocessing, Hadoop is not only enabling the analysis of new data sources; it is changing the value equation of maintaining an active archive containing all of your data. At the same time, the enterprise data warehouse is not going anywhere. With over three decades of investment and development, and sophisticated BI tools for business users, the data warehouse is here to stay as your source of integrated data. The future of both platforms boils down to when to use which, and how to use both effectively to expand your analytical capabilities. To shed light on this topic, Proxim Systems will provide a webcast to discuss:

When to use Hadoop

  • Overview of Hadoop Technology
  • Deep Dive into Big Data and Hadoop

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My Experience working with Proxim Systems has been challenging, fulfilling, and extremely rewarding. I was impressed with the way they approached me during the interview process, I have over 9 years of experience on Oracle Fusion Middle Ware technologies, having worked with Oracle in the past, was a little shaky when I opted to move out of oracle. However, my decision to join Proxim Systems was right, I would recommend Fusion Middleware consultants to join Proxim Systems as I see them growing big and quite intelligently.

– Kurnal Hasan

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