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Traning And Enablement

Do you come from Non-Programming Background, Telecom Background, System Administration (Windows/Unix/Linux/Solaris), or even fresh out of college?

Are you looking to jump-start your career, and looking to work in world-class enterprises on promising technologies and do not where and how to start?

Please reach out to us for guidance and help with training on skills – Java, Server Administration, Information, and Cyber Security.

We offer courses in multiple streams along with proper career guidance and continued technical support

Career Development Program


Training With JBoss Server

JBoss is the fastest-growing server in the market and is used by enterprises all around the world to run and manage mission-critical applications. JBoss is built on Open-Source technologies and standards and provides a promising future.

Enterprises are looking to cut costs on WebLogic and WebSphere and also looking for a cloud-ready, lightweight application server and that is where JBoss comes in. We offer Introductory and Advanced JBoss Administration training courses.

JBoss is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. Please note that JBoss and Wildfly are used interchangeably. Wildfly is the community name for JBoss

Course Content – Hands-On training

Installing, Running & Deploying Application on Wildfly Standalone Mode. (1.5 Hours)

Anatomy of Wildfly (3 hours)

  • Running with different configuration
  • Getting started with CLI
  • Understanding modules & sub-systems configuration
  • Understanding commonly used sub-system configuration (Web, EJB, Messaging, etc)

Wildfly in Domain mode (6 hours)

  • Running Domain mode
  • Understanding Domain Controller, Host Controller & Server Process
  • Understanding Server Group
  • Managing the Data Source sub-system (45 min)
  • Installing JDBC driver
  • Configuration of Data Source
  • Setting Connection Pool

Role-based access control with Wildfly (45 mins)

  • Managing users, groups, and their role mapping
  • Granting user access by server group or host
  • Load balancing Wildfly (3 hours)
  • Installing Apache HTTPD
  • Configuration of the mod cluster for Apache
  • Balancing Wildfly workers
  • Securing Wildfly using HTTPS

Messaging with Wildfly (6 hours)

  • Understanding HornetQ sub-system
  • Running messaging system with HornetQ
  • Send/Receive messages to JMS Queue and Topic
  • Configure shared store & message replication

After The Training

We will get you started in LIVE projects to manage & install JBoss servers administration. With others, it may stop here. But with our expertise and guidance, we help our people to rise to the next levels. JBoss admin is just the first step. As you enable JBoss and start administrating on JBoss, we further help you to rise and administer Platform (Version Control, Build control, Deployments, etc). After gaining some experience, you can rise to automation using tools to enable organizations with DevOps.

Ultimately, You Rise
To The Architect Level


One Step At
A Time To Rise up The Career Ladder

Timings: (Flexible) – Online Classes

Saturday & Sunday: 8 – 9:30 AM ET

Friday: 8 – 9:30 PM ET

Fees: $450.00

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Graduates with information security (Bachelors or Masters), Or; 1+ years experience with networks, Or system administration.
  • WebLogic/Websphere Consultants.

Duration of Course: 4 to 6 -Weeks

Mode of Training: Virtual/Online

Contact: hr@proximsystems.com (Please attach your resume)

Our Satisfied Customers

My Experience working with Proxim Systems has been challenging, fulfilling, and extremely rewarding. I was impressed with the way they approached me during the interview process, I have over 9 years of experience on Oracle Fusion Middle Ware technologies, having worked with Oracle in the past, was a little shaky when I opted to move out of oracle. However, my decision to join Proxim Systems was right, I would recommend Fusion Middleware consultants to join Proxim Systems as I see them growing big and quite intelligently.

– Kurnal Hasan

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