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Proxim Systems is a leading provider of solution architecture, design, and development services, specializing in full stack development, Java programming, and cloud-based solutions on AWS and Azure platforms. With our expertise in data processing and analytics, we also offer services in utilizing Azure Data Bricks and Azure Data Factory applications.


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We take immense pride in our partnership with esteemed agencies and organizations.
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Industries We Empower
Through Our Expertise

We empower diverse industries through Microsoft Azure Data Factory
expertise, unlocking new opportunities for growth and innovation.


Our Microsoft Azure Data Factory expertise streamlines telecom data processes, reduces costs, and improves customer experience. Our solutions transform data into valuable insights for optimizing operations, services, and marketing strategies. We ensure compliance with industry regulations, giving our telecom clients a competitive edge.


Our Microsoft Azure Data Factory expertise helps the financial industry to automate data processing, perform real-time analytics, and enhance fraud detection while ensuring compliance with data security and privacy regulations. Our solutions improve operational efficiency, risk management, and customer experience.

Public Sector

Our Microsoft Azure Data Factory expertise helps the public sector to collect, manage, and analyze vast amounts of data for optimizing operations and improving service delivery. Our solutions provide valuable insights for decision-making while ensuring compliance with data security and privacy regulations.


Key Specializations

Solution Architecture

Our team of experienced solution architects excels in developing comprehensive architectural designs that align with clients’ business goals and objectives. We prioritize scalability, flexibility, and reliability while ensuring seamless integration between various components of the solution.

Design and Development

We offer end-to-end design and development services, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and frameworks. Our team is proficient in full stack development, enabling us to create robust and user-friendly applications tailored to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

Java Programming

With our in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in Java programming, we provide high-quality, efficient, and scalable Java-based solutions. Our Java experts are skilled in utilizing the latest frameworks, libraries, and tools to deliver exceptional outcomes.

AWS and Azure Cloud Solutions

Leveraging the power of cloud computing, we specialize in developing cloud-based solutions on both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure platforms. Our expertise covers a wide range of services, including infrastructure setup, deployment, monitoring, and optimization, enabling our clients to achieve enhanced performance and cost-efficiency.

Azure Data Bricks and Azure Data Factory

We have extensive experience in utilizing Azure Data Bricks and Azure Data Factory applications to enable efficient data processing, transformation, and analytics. Our experts can design and implement scalable data pipelines, extract valuable insights, and drive data-driven decision-making for your organization.



In-depth Suite Of Solutions

At Proxim Systems, our comprehensive suite of Microsoft Azure Data Factory solutions covers a wide range of services.

We offer data advisory services to help our clients understand their data landscape and develop a data-driven strategy.

Our cloud solutions provide scalable and cost-effective data storage and processing capabilities on Azure.

We also offer AI/ML solutions to help our clients gain valuable insights and predictive capabilities from their data.

Finally, we stay up-to-date with emerging technologies, enabling us to deliver innovative and cutting-edge solutions that meet our client’s evolving needs.


Why Choose Us?

Expertise and Experience: Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with extensive expertise in solution architecture, development, and security consultancy. We bring years of experience working with diverse clients and industries.

Quality and Innovation: We prioritize delivering high-quality solutions that align with industry best practices. Our commitment to innovation ensures that we stay ahead of emerging technologies and provide our clients with cutting-edge solutions.

Customer-Centric Approach: We value our clients’ needs and strive to establish long-term partnerships. Our customer-centric approach focuses on understanding your unique requirements, providing personalized solutions, and delivering exceptional customer service.

Reliability and Accountability: We are dedicated to delivering projects on time and within budget. Our team is accountable for the success of every engagement, ensuring transparency, effective communication, and a smooth project lifecycle.


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